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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bangles and Bib Necklaces love.

Spice up your outfits with our lovely bangles and bib necklaces!! :)

Rest assure that our bangles are made of good quality heavy weighted metal steel.
Fret not! none of them are made of cheap plastic! :)

A01- Zebra
Price : RM 18
Status : SOLD

A02 - The White Buckle
Price : RM 18
Status : 2 Available



A03 - 7 in 1 bangles
Price : RM 18 each
Color : Black . White (SOLD)
Status : Black available

A04 - Gold Button
Price : RM 18 each
Color : Black . White
Status : Available

Bib Necklace is a must for a trendy chic ! :)

A05 - Bib Necklace # 1
Price : RM28
Status : SOLD

A06 - Bib Necklace # 2
Price : RM28
Status : SOLD

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